Engage Buying Groups

Orchestrate Buyer touchpoints with Conversational AI-Assistant

SalesboxAI Orchestration brings the scale and sophistication of traditional lead-based marketing automation to the account-based marketing world. With it, you can drive more meaningful interactions using multi-channel, multi-touchpoints at scale.

SalesboxAI is the only solution that lets you deliver highly personalized, consistent, and relevant experiences to buying groups at target accounts. Engage them through AI touchpoints, account-based advertising and social channels in an orchestrated two-way conversation.

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and seamlessly orchestrate engagement across every channel. Focus on Account level and Lead level to achieve your desired results faster. Alert sales whenever an intent account gets converted to prioritized. Generate a robust pipeline for your sales team with Accounts with the highest likelihood to close.

Need to Experience it to believe us?

Start with a free trial to explore up to 250 intent accounts:

How SalesboxAI helps Revenue Teams to Scale:

Uncover new opportunities

Identify accounts in the market for your solution before they inbound. Combine account intent data with your ABM list to help the sales team prioritize the right set of accounts.

Engage with elegance

Orchestrate entire buying groups at your target accounts through AI Assistants - Deliver highly personalized, consistent and relevant experiences without adding more resources.


of marketers report improved win rates with ABM

With the Conversational AI-powered ABM platform, SalesboxAI has helped top technology companies and high growth startups to:

  • Create sales pipeline growth by 3x, leading to an increase of 8x in their closed deals.
  • Increase the customer win rates by 63% over a period of 6 months.
  • Engage with Key Accounts that never engaged previously.
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