Intent Accounts

Identify the next best opportunity ahead in the buying cycle

Understand the right opportunity available in the market and target buyers who are looking for your solutions. SalesboxAI’s content brands reach a wide audience of technology buyers and generate insights directly allowing us to understand which accounts are researching and evaluating products and solutions across topics of interest. By tapping into these account insights, SalesboxAI allows you to identify the next best opportunity available for you in the market. Head off the competition by being their first impression and activate your sales team to reach out to interested companies early.

A large part of the buyer’s journey remains invisible to marketers, we don't have much insight into their behavior outside their own channels. To reach these buyers at the first sign of interest and get a leg up on the competition, marketers need to identify and understand their true intent early on — and link this knowledge to marketing and sales activities, before it’s too late to influence the buying cycle.

SalesboxAI tracks Intent activity across technology themes and topics and understands which accounts are researching topics relevant to your products. Once account intent is captured and buying groups identified, the AI Assistant will engage with every one of them to generate a meeting for your sales team.

Need to Experience it to believe us?

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How SalesboxAI helps Revenue Teams to Scale:

Uncover new opportunities

Identify accounts in the market for your solution before they inbound. Combine account intent data with your ABM list to help the sales team prioritize the right set of accounts.

Engage with elegance

Orchestrate entire buying groups at your target accounts through AI Assistants - Deliver highly personalized, consistent and relevant experiences without adding more resources.


of marketers report improved win rates with ABM

With the Conversational AI-powered ABM platform, SalesboxAI has helped top technology companies and high growth startups to:

  • Create sales pipeline growth by 3x, leading to an increase of 8x in their closed deals.
  • Increase the customer win rates by 63% over a period of 6 months.
  • Engage with Key Accounts that never engaged previously.
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