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The ABM Playbook

2022 CMO’s guide to Conversational ABM

Businesses are increasingly focusing on identifying the right audience in order to maximize marketing ROI and ensuring targeted revenue outcomes. Account based marketing or ABM is a B2B marketing tactic that aligns sales and marketing efforts to deliver targeted advertising, as well as personalized content and messaging, to high-value accounts. The underlying recognition is that B2B purchase decisions are often made by a group of individuals within the company, referred as a buying group or buying committee and ABM tools automate many of the data and workflow processes that enable this approach. Organizations which have implemented ABM see improved sales and marketing alignment, shortened sales cycles, increased marketing ROI and expanded account coverage and revenue.

ABM teams today have access to Artificial intelligence driven ABM platforms and make good use of machine learning technology to transform their data into actionable intelligence. These include generation of comprehensive intent data, rich company and buyer data sets, and an ability to orchestrate engagement across channels. Once they have data that is healthy, accurate, verified and deeply enriched, they can look to expand their total available market, prioritize target customers based on more predictive intent triggers, and achieve greater revenue growth.

The ABM Playbook penned by SalesboxAI ABM specialists contains insights on:

  • Tactics to ensure that your ABM program starts on the right track
  • Sample plays and timelines for sales and marketing teams to execute on their ABM tactics
  • Battle tested conversational ABM plays to help you land that first big account through ABM and scale based on what works for you

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