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What is Conversational ABM?

Account Based Marketing is a B2B marketing tactic in which sales and marketing teams work together to identify and target the best-fit accounts and convert them into paying customers.

Instead of depending on the traditional approach of focusing on leads, the ABM involves identifying and targeting the right accounts with the biggest revenue potential for your business. Marketers, with the right ABM technology stack, are able to serve personalized messaging to decision makers at target accounts through the channels they prefer and at scale. Considering that most B2B purchase decisions now involve at least 7 stakeholders and sales cycles are getting longer, more and more B2B companies are turning to ABM to place marketing messages in front of all decision-makers, especially within high-value accounts.

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Key Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Is ABM Right for your Organization?

As per an ITSMA research, most ABM programs generate greater return on investment (ROI) than other types of marketing. In 2020, three quarters of programs cited higher ROI, and about one fourth cited significantly higher return. Even more encouraging is the fact that organizations which are just getting started on their ABM journeys are seeing desired outcomes.

However, ABM isn’t the marketing recipe for every B2B organization. ABM delivers excellent ROI if you have a targeted addressable market and high value products/solutions to market to potential accounts. If you are a company that offers a low-cost product with no clearly identified market, you might want to use a broad-based marketing approach to cast a wider net over your target market.

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However, ABM has its own challenges!

Launching and scaling ABM programs is resource intensive. It’s no surprise that companies with successful forays into ABM are eager to scale their programs once they’ve demonstrated the potential and gathered management buyin. Most often, this is when promising ABM programs become victims of their own success. As the program scales, challenges abound in:

  • Extrapolating initial success to multiple accounts
  • Personalizing buying experiences and content
  • Synchronizing sales and marketing teams with the overall ABM program strategies

While ABM can be very effective, marketers need to find ways to scale the efforts to deliver targeted outcomes. However, scaling should be achieved without compromising the right buyer journey or content experiences or marketing-sales handoff. Getting it right is a combination of making judicious decisions about which accounts to include and why, identifying and engaging the right buying committee members at target accounts, allocating scarce resources carefully, reusing assets, and leveraging the technology tools that can help to make ABM programs more efficient and effective.

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Here comes Conversational ABM!

Imagine a VIP customer coming to your website:

  • Are they getting a VIP treatment reflective of the account relationship they have with you?
  • Are they getting meaningfully engaged at the website?
  • Is your sales team made aware of the VIP visitor?
  • Are you scoring this meaningful engagement and directing them to what they are looking for?

Conversational ABM enables you to identify and engage with target accounts visiting your website in real time with personalized outreach and conversations. Enabling your sales team to identify and proactively engage with target accounts visiting your website even if they are anonymous enables you to scale ABM programs.

Conversational ABM ensures that visitors from target accounts can get answers to their questions in real-time at their convenience. By combining ABM with AI Assistants aka chatbots can add a personal dimension to your ABM programs. The sales rep, once notified about the VIP prospect, can take over with data driven, intelligence-backed conversations when they are ready to engage.

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How Conversational ABM accelerates ABM outcomes

Leveraging Conversational ABM platforms such as SalesboxAI accelerates traction at your target accounts and improves conversions dramatically. This is due:

  • Capturing VIP leads in real time. With our Conversational ABM, you don’t need to force your VIP leads to fill out a form and wait for a response. Instead get an AI assistant to guide the visitor through an inline chat with an option for the sales rep to take over the conversation. The sales rep is notified instantly about the website visits of VIP leads assigned to them prompting quick and timely action.
  • Delighting VIP accounts: Scaling ABM programs require delivering VIP treatment to your VIP accounts and providing them with a personalized buying experience aided by conversational ABM. This includes serving real time personalized content and getting them engaged with the right person in your sales team to allow them to continue the conversation.
  • Deanonymize accounts: Up to 98% of website traffic is anonymous and marketers have about 10 seconds to establish relevance! Conversational ABM tools help marketers to identify attributes of people visiting the website (Intent, potential, behavior, profile and/or firmographics), assign intent score to the accounts and add them to the demand funnel for further engagement.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment: Conversational ABM requires marketing and sales team to seamlessly work together to achieve account growth at top-tier VIP accounts.

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