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Boost your pipeline
with ABM Leads

ABM is a sales strategy designed to help businesses narrow their focus on high-potential accounts. With ABM lead generation, content can be interactive, targeted, and designed to deepen the relationship with each potential buying committee and account.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

In a typical business, the marketing team develops the leads. The sales team closes the deal. With ABM lead generation, the sales team and the marketing team work as one. The best accounts are identified based on solution fit, account criteria and intent insights. From there, buying committee members are identified and nurtured to generate ABM leads.

Identify Attributes

Revenue Focused

ABM lead generation as a strategy, with its higher investment of time and resources, may seem costly to implement. But ABM leads to higher sales close rates, and larger average deal sizes, and closes more quickly than deals built under the traditional “sales” process.

It is established that mid-market accounts have higher closure rates with sharp account based focus with deals likely to be 40% larger. For Enterprise accounts, they’re an average of 35% larger, but they’re 285% more likely to close. While ABM leads take longer to process with fewer volumes than traditional leads, the difference in conversion rate and deal size make it a significant avenue for higher ROI.

In other words, increased marketing ROI, improved engagement, and a shorter sales cycle!

Revenue focused

Effective for Most B2B and SMB Sales

Whether you engage in high touch or low touch sales, sell high ticket or low ticket products, ABM can be much more efficient at helping you to connect with the specific accounts and individuals who can not only afford your offerings but would fully appreciate your value. Inbound marketing, in comparison, may result in many inquiries from those who could never make a purchase at your price point, wasting your team’s time and diverting your resources from those who matter most to your business.

Better Buyer Journey

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform

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