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Conversational ABM Platform for
Agency Teams

Your B2B agency is growing. And you need to make every campaign a success. With our scalable AI powered Account based marketing platform and unique agency/client account automation capabilities, you can easily manage every client account from one SalesboxAI instance while empowering your team to generate account intelligence, contact data, deliver content, campaigns, and reports that will delight your clients.

All-In-One Suite for all your Client ABM Programs

Account based marketing by itself doesn’t cut it any more. Now you need visibility into buying signals from multiple sources across different channels and ability to act on that information dynamically.

SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM Platform is adept at uncovering intent signals through your client websites (first party intent) combined with multiple 2nd party and 3rd party data sources. Leverage AI Assistants to find the right contacts and buying groups within your target accounts and orchestrate engagement across multiple channels with the sole objective of generating consistent insights for you to act on.

Identify Attributes

Scale your ABM campaigns without adding more resources

Our ABM platform has built-in automation playbooks to enable your agency team to manage multiple large client accounts without adding more resources to your team thereby ensuring healthy and profitable growth to your B2B agency business while adding more clients to your roster.

In other words, increased agency ROI, improved client engagement, and a shorter campaign cycle!

We also have white label option for you to run the ABM platform in your agency name while the backend is powered by SalesboxAI

Custom Workflows

World class support

Our dedicated agency focused customer success team have the experience and understanding of B2B agency business and provide all support to make every client successful with the SalesboxAI Conversational ABM Platform. Whether you need support in client onboarding, client account setup, intent account discovery or orchestration of campaigns, we have got your back!

Our team can also assist you in additional services such as generation of marketing qualifying leads, setting up of custom ABM workflows, bespoke campaigns etc.

Precise Targeting

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform

Salebox Funnel

Are you really generating sales pipeline effectively?

Schedule a call with one of our ABM expert to discover an estimate of SalesboxAI’s impact on your business KPIs