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Shift to the Revenue Waterfall with the first Revenue Engine to Support it

Align marketing, sales, and customer engagement funnels into the SalesboxAI Revenue Engine and accelerate growth.

It’s no longer about individuals or a single purchase, but buying committees and retention and cross/upsell opportunities. But getting a singular view into your revenue opportunities hasn’t been easy as just a click of a button, until now. For teams shifting to the Revenue Waterfall, SalesboxAI can help you uncover all of your opportunity types and use AI Assistants to fuel your revenue engine with a steady stream of qualified opportunities. The SalesboxAI Revenue Engine leverages AI Assistants to:

  • Detect and track cross-sell, upsell, and retention opportunities across the Revenue Waterfall
  • Reach and engage the buying committee members at each stage that fuel revenue growth
  • Track and measure against the Revenue Waterfall to reflect key milestone of the journey from targeted to won
Align Marketing

SalesboxAI keeps sales, marketing, and customer success focused on one thing: Revenue

B2B revenue teams can no longer operate in siloed funnels and inconsistent KPIs. SalesboxAI centralizes your revenue streams along with first party intent, company, and people data so you can:

  • Create a Revenue Waterfall for each product or service offering
  • Launch a team of AI-powered assistants to discover opportunities at each stage
  • Uncover the buying committee members and score each interaction
  • Alert sales when positive or negative sentiment is made or when an opportunity threshold is reached
  • Manage and monitor your entire Revenue Waterfall in a few clicks
Salebox Funnel

Reach and Engage IT Buying Groups

Create upto 5 Buyer Personas that are part of the Buying Group, like IT Decision Makers, IT Influencers, Sr. Management, Procurement etc.

Use demographic attributes like: Title Keywords, Department, Level

SalesboxAI Abx platform

Discover Purchase Intent Across Buying Group

AI-powered assistants discover buying group members and add them into the system.

Business emails are discovered by the AI Assistant and validated prior to campaign launch.

All buyer group data are revalidated on a regular basis.

SalesboxAI Abx platform

Are you ready to create a steady stream of opportunities for your Revenue Waterfall?

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