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Conversational ABM Platform for Growth Stage
Teams and Medium Sized Businesses

ABM is a sales strategy designed to help businesses narrow their focus on high-potential accounts. With Account based marketing, content can be interactive, targeted, and designed to deepen the relationship with each potential buying committee and account.

As your team grows, ABM efforts will need to be tweaked and designed for scaling your business. As your Sales team grows, you will need more target accounts. And as your marketing team grows, you’ll need to find new ways to incorporate an account focus into existing and future programs, whether that’s content, live or digital events, or direct mail. At SalesboxAI, we recommend reevaluating your ABM tactics and data twice a year.

Parallely, your ABM technology stack will need to keep up with your growing team and growth ambitions. Selecting the right target accounts at the growth stage involves an account list growing past 1000+, for which the right technology driven inputs is very essential. Selecting the right Marketing Qualified Accounts using multiple sources of intent (first, second and third party intent) is key to success of any ABM program. Using account selection technology, you also won’t be tied to your CRM’s dirty data. Further, leverage AI powered Conversational ABM platform to discover buying committees at target accounts and orchestrate conversations and bring in your sales team at the right stage of the buying process. The data-based honing down of accounts will be a head start to more convertible accounts at growth stage.

Early Interest

Marketing and Sales Alignment

In a typical business, the marketing team develops the leads. The sales team closes the deal. With ABM, the sales team and the marketing team work as one. The best accounts are identified based on solution fit, account criteria and intent insights. From there, buying committee members are identified and nurtured to generate fruitful conversations which the sales can engage and conclude.

Personalize Experiences

Selecting your best-fit target accounts based on data, not feelings

If you’re still selecting the accounts you’re going after based on hunches, then getting ABM up and running will be more difficult than it needs to be. Data is at the backbone of everything we do for a reason. When successfully launching an ABM strategy you need to base your target accounts on the data you have (your current customers) and the current opportunities in the market (is there explicit demand for your service?). Leverage SalesboxAI’s intent insights to generate intent across multiple sources and find the accounts looking for your solution in the market

Sales pipeline

Getting the necessary processes in place

As a growth stage firm, you need to move fast but without the proper processes in place, the ability to hit go won’t mean much. From attribution to sales processes – ABM is reliant upon establishing a structure that supports both sales & marketing efforts so it can be easily measured, reported, and improved. If you move too fast because you’re anxious to get results, then you lose out on valuable insights and benchmarks that will allow you to learn and expand.

SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM platform helps you to launch and expand your ABM program from a single platform. Our goal is to get clients to better understand the impact of their efforts so that they can replicate what works at scale. It’s exactly this mentality that makes ABM and growth-stage companies such a good fit.

Getting the necessary processes

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM platform

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