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Propel your Revenue Engine with our Integrated Full Funnel Program

Revenue Funnel Program is an Integrated 7-step program used to create Pipeline and Revenue Growth

SalesboxAI intent helps identify potential accounts from ICP who are actively researching products or services, buying committee members are identified using SalesboxAI Discover solution and SalesboxAI Syndicate is used to distribute relevant content across various platforms and engage these prospects. Programmatic ads further amplify branding and awareness by targeting specific Buying Committee Members. SalesboxAI Assistants are deployed to nurture and drive engagement through the funnel with relevant content and offers. Additionally SalesboxAI Inside Sales team will Qualify Opportunities and Create Pipeline for Sales followup.

Personalize Experiences
  • Accounts matching your ICP are identified using Salesbox Intent
  • Salesbox Discover identifies Buying Committee Members
  • Salesbox Syndicate Program creates MQL's
  • Salesbox Programmatic Ads drive Awareness within Buying Committee of Target Accounts
  • Salesbox Revenue AI Assistants nurtures these Accounts to create Engagement
  • Salesbox Platform Scores and Prioritizes Accounts
  • Salesbox Inside Sales Team Qualifies and Creates Pipeline for you.

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