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Capture overall interests of an account with an MQA centric approach….

So long B2B marketers considered Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) as a primary measure of success. With the advent of demand centers and buyer groups at large and mid size accounts, and an ability to target and engage with them through ABM platforms, a tangible shift from MQLs is happening. MQLs are no longer the be-all and end-all in marketing… in many cases, they’re being replaced almost entirely.

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Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs) as a Key ABM Tactic!

MQA’s show the overall interests of an account, rather than those of the individual leads within that account. As a result of this, a wider range of opportunities are opened up for the sales team, as the scores of individual leads can be combined to qualify for further action on more occasions. They can also better reflect the particular interests of those accounts. In other words, MQAs are a subset of your target ICP accounts and they show engagement levels that indicate possible sales readiness.

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How do Marketing Qualified Accounts differ from intent data?

Intent data reflect an account’s engagement with a topic, theme or keyword while MQAs go much beyond in that they measure the engagement an account has with a brand. SalesboxAI’s ABM platform enables you to generate MQAs through your own brand or SalesboxAI managed brands relevant to your product or solution theme.

MQA's differ from intent data in that they measure the engagement an account has with a brand, whereas intent data can reflect an account's wider engagement with a topic.

Marketing Qualified Accounts

How Marketing Qualified Accounts are generated at SalesboxAI?

Your AI powered Conversational ABM platform at SalesboxAI has the skills to identify buyer groups at your target accounts and orchestrate engagement with each one of them to determine which accounts are fitting the MQA metric dynamically. The metrics measured include web visits, content downloads, event attendance and other engagement stats monitored at each lead level and also aggregated at buyer group and account level.

Each activity is assigned a score which when aggregated at the account level will trigger a notification to the sales team that further action needs to be taken. The predetermined scores that a target must hit to become an Marketing Qualified Account might be affected by factors such as the size of the company or how much they fit into a business’s target audience.

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