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Reach More Decision-Makers in Buying Mode

Stop prospecting. Find the buying committee members in your target accounts showing intent for your products or services.

The SalesboxAI Revenue Engine delivers Avatars to:

  • Discover which accounts to prioritize based on both intent and engagement
  • Maintain account prioritization throughout the entire buying journey

Revenue Engine delivers Avatars to:

  • Proactively use web and email tactics to generate 1st party intent from 600+ content hubs across different IT product categories.
  • Research, discover, and verify the contact information of active buying group members from your target opportunity list.
  • Monitor and score for engagement and activity at the Opportunity level
Abx platform

Leverage first party data and de-anonymize website visitors

Up to 98% of website traffic is anonymous and marketers have about 10 seconds to establish relevance.

Instantly target opportunities visiting your website and orchestrate engagement with their buyer groups across multi-touch, multi-channel outreach.

SalesboxAI helps marketers:

  • Identify attributes of people visiting the website (Intent, potential, behavior, profile and/or firmographics)
  • Assign intent scores to the Opportunity
  • Add Opportunities to the Revenue Waterfall for further engagement

The first party intent through SalesboxAI is included with all pricing plans.

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Better Buyer Journey

SalesboxAI Intent Network

Subscribe to the SalesboxAI intent data feed to instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors')

  • SalesboxAI’s Content Network accumulates insights across thousands of technology topics.
  • Authentic and up-to-date data on behavior, action and intent signals
  • Deeper insights on account level and role level intent. (Ex: IT Security Leader from ACME INC read an article on web application firewall.)

Data is aggregated through product themes and weekly velocity scores that are assigned.

Intent platform

Integrate SalesboxAI to discover and engage buying groups at scale.

We have the following partnerships with:


Subscribe to 180byTwo intent through the SalesboxAI platform and instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors’).

  • Act on predictive insights around selected topics and topic velocity
  • Accurately prioritize which accounts to engage
  • Shorten the overall sales cycle

The key advantage is intent data aggregated by topic and office location.

Also, a weekly velocity score is assigned.

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SalesboxAI Abx platform


Instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors') with Bombora + SalesboxAI.

  • Know exactly what prospects are in the market for, letting you guide them to your solution.
  • Measure prospects’ digital journey across 4,000+ premium B2B websites
  • Signal to sales when and what your customers need when they need it
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SalesboxAI Abx platform


Founded in 2012, LeadSift, a Foundry company enables B2B tech companies to scale revenue by reaching decision makers in buying mode. By layering intent signals mined from the public web, with research-based intent and proprietary tech, we deliver actionable and relevant leads. LeadSift was acquired by IDG in December 2021.

Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, we show you who is engaging with competitors, custom keywords, events, technographics and topics that are relevant to your company from the broadest intent data sources on the market. Leads are then scored based on trends so you are always reaching the warmest accounts first.

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