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Intent Data

SalesboxAI enables marketing and sales teams to discover new opportunities that were invisible to your eyes before. By combining first, second and third party intent data, you can guide your teams to focus on accounts with the best chance of closure.

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Select the right accounts based on both intent and engagement and maintain account prioritization throughout the entire buying journey

  • Accounts showing intent
  • SalesboxAI platform
  • Identify buyer groups
  • Target with emails,chatbots, social ads
  • Sales reach out

Be the first to reach out to potential customers when they are actively showing interest in your product and solution at the same time.

SalesboxAI Abx platform

Leverage your own first party data and de-anonymize your website visitors

Up to 98% of website traffic is anonymous and marketers have about 10 seconds to establish relevance! SalesboxAI’s web experiences module helps marketers to identify attributes of people visiting the website (Intent, potential, behavior, profile and/or firmographics), assign intent score to the accounts and add them to the demand funnel for further engagement.

The first party intent through the web experiences module is included as part of all pricing plans. Instantly target accounts visiting your website with SalesboxAI ABX Assistants and orchestrate engagement with their buyer groups across multi-touch, multi-channel outreach

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Abx platform

SalesboxAI’s 2nd party intent data

SalesboxAI operates a network of content brands which reaches out to scores of technology buyers and influencers. These brands accumulate insights into who's reading what, who's comparing what, etc. across thousands of technology topics. As the data is procured through our own network, we own the relationship but are able to provide authentic and more comprehensive information on the behavior, action and intent signals.

The key advantage is the ability to collect powerful intent signals that you would not otherwise be able to access. For instance, we are able to provide you with account level and role level intent. Ex: IT Security Leader from ACME INC read an article on web application firewall

Also data is aggregated through product themes and weekly velocity scores are assigned.

You can subscribe to second party intent through the SalesboxAI platform under a special pricing tier.

Instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors') with Second party intent accounts + SalesboxAI ABX Assistants

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Leverage eCHO, the intent data platform by 180byTwo, to act on predictive insights around selected topics and topic Velocity, enabling you to accurately prioritize which accounts to engage, and shortening the overall sales cycle.

The key advantage is intent data aggregated by topic and office location. Ex: 7 users from ACME INC read 10 articles about AI

Also, a weekly velocity score is assigned. Ex: ACME INCs score for AI is 70 for this week based on this week’s and previous research activity

You can subscribe to 180byTwo intent through the SalesboxAI platform.

Instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors') with 180byTwo intent accounts + SalesboxAI ABX Assistants

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SalesboxAI Abx platform


Bombora measures prospects’ digital journey across 4,000+ premium B2B websites, so you know exactly what prospects are in the market for, letting you guide them to your solution.

Your SalesboxAI account can be connected to receive Bombora intent data which can be used to identify which businesses are actively researching your products and services, signaling when and what they want to hear from you.

Instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors') with Bombora + SalesboxAI ABX Assistants

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SalesboxAI Abx platform

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