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Ad Exposure on LinkedIn
can increase purchase
intent by 33%

Leverage SalesboxAI to retarget the right buyers at the right accounts through social ads

Targeted Ads

Retarget buyers identified by through SalesboxAI's Conversational ABM Platform through targeted social ads. The ads are displayed only to individuals matching intent accounts and buyer personas set by you. You are also able to expand the target account list and buyer group criteria giving you a wider audience to engage with.

With 33% of B2B decision makers using LinkedIn for research purposes, it is emerging as a key channel to engage your buyers and SalesboxAI's Conversational ABM platform provides you a valuable targeting capability to use LinkedIn for ads.

Abx platform

Contextual Ads

Display ads are even more powerful when shown to individuals who have shown research intent. SalesboxAI enables you to identify net new accounts showing intent for topics relevant to your product or solution and only individuals identified as buyers at those accounts are retargeted through social ads.

Contextual Ads

Precise Targeting

Our customer success and ad ops team can help you optimize your ad strategy across LinkedIn and Facebook advising you on audience targeting, messaging and strategy. As your buyer group grows and more people engage with your content across channels, SalesboxAI helps you retarget them through social ads to keep everyone engaged.

Precise Targeting

Optimized Ad Spends

Want to double down on the accounts that are most engaged? Or showing most velocity in purchase intent? Or maybe you need to engage accounts as part of strategic outreach. SalesboxAI makes it possible in few clicks

Optimized Ad Spends

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform

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