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Detect, engage, and convert more opportunities to revenue

Shift your demand processes to focus on buying groups and opportunities.

SalesboxAI delivers an AI-powered revenue engine that helps B2B marketing teams detect, activate, and convert pipeline to revenue.

Abx platform

Detect In-Market, Active Opportunities

Avatars will:

  • Generate intent data using 600+ product categories to detect accounts actively researching your solutions and competitive offerings.
  • Identifies the buying committee members to target and reach with your content.
Contextual Ads

Engage Buyers Ahead of the Competition

Avatars will:

  • Provision multiple SalesboxAI Avatars to orchestrate many to many conversations with Buyers
  • Orchestrate omnichannel, account-centric experiences across Email, LinkedIn and Chat.
Marketing Qualified Accounts

Convert Pipeline to Revenue

Avatars will:

  • Score all interactions at Lead, Persona and Opportunity level
  • Prioritize accounts based on the engagement of the buying group, not an individual
SalesboxAI Abx platform

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Avatars Discover & Engage Active Opportunities at Scale

SalesboxAI Avatars use revenue data to:

  • Detect opportunity types and personas across the revenue waterfall
  • Identify buying committee members within each Opportunity
  • Add verified buying group members at each stage
  • Orchestrate multiple Avatars to engage over 1–1 omnichannel conversations
  • Track engagement to identify buying committee members with a detected Opportunity
  • Trigger sales to follow up once opportunity thresholds are reached
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SalesboxAI Abx platform

Measure intent across the opportunity to accelerate revenue

SalesboxAI measures the engagement each account has with a brand.

How we do it:

  • Create a Content Hub using your own brand or SalesboxAI managed brands
  • Email, advertise to personas within identified targeted accounts
  • Track and score interactions at the opportunity level
  • Create an In-Market Opportunity list along buying group members actively researching your theme or topic
Salebox Funnel

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