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Provide positive chat
experiences at scale

Let your buyer instantly engage in conversations from website and social through AI powered chatbots

Native to SalesboxAI

Add chatbot skill to your Conversational ABM Platform instantly and get an AI Assistant to reside at your website and social channels welcoming and guiding potential customers to provide information, booking meetings with your sales reps etc. Form is so passe!

Build powerful salesbot playbooks that intelligently collect visitor data, trigger sales automation sequences with prospects and customers, and qualify inbound traffic in real time."

Native SalesboxAI

Human like conversations

Build powerful bot playbooks and get the bot come as a widget or inline native to the webpage providing seamless interactive experiences. This sophisticated approach to programming a bot means you can offer a superb customer experience that collects the most pertinent information from a visitor, no humans necessary.


Custom Workflows and Playbooks

Fancy a custom workflow or integration? Need custom messaging at different product pages? Need a bot to qualify leads further down the funnel or be compliant with GDPR? With SalesboxAI, you can customize the bot workflows as per your internal playbooks and requirements

Custom Workflows

Book Meetings 24/7

Your Conversational ABM Platform welcomes all visitors on your website as per your standard or custom workflows and guides them with tailored messages. Get the bot to proactively engage them and book meetings 24/7. Your bot can also send sales alerts to your sales rep with the trail of entire conversation

Book Meetings

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform

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