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Empower your Revenue
Teams to Engage at scale

SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM Platform support your marketing objectives by discovering the right accounts in the market, nurturing interest, engaging buying groups and getting conversions. Activate Email Experiences and improve marketing’s impact on the sales pipeline created.

Human Like Engagement - at Scale

In an ideal world, every lead is followed up by a human. However there are limits to the scale of human involvement and sales reps give up leads too quickly. SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM Platform consistently and persistently engage with every lead with human-like conversations till they are ready to engage with you.

Build powerful AI Assistant playbooks and integrate email experiences with your internal workflows. This sophisticated approach to programming the email assistants means you can offer a superb customer experience that collects the most pertinent information from the lead, no humans necessary.

Native SalesboxAI

Cultivate Early Interest

Reach out to accounts that have signaled potential interest through intent data (Bombora, 180bytwo or SalesboxAI intent programs) and have not requested contact yet (e.g. Third-party content syndication, ABM, etc.). Personalize account level and buying group level outreach with custom messaging and content.

Early Interest

Event Outreach

Whether you are attending an online or in-person event, AI Assistants can help you schedule demos and meetings in advance, drive webinar participation etc. After the event, the assistant can follow up with leads generated at the event as the first point of contact and invite for further steps.

Custom Workflows

Book Meetings

Imagine AI Assistant as a member of your BD team qualifying leads and getting them to a meeting or demo with your sales team. She can even schedule meetings at your sales rep’s calendar and update the rep with the conversation trail. She can also proactively reach out to old prospects who have turned cold and get them back to the funnel.

Book Meetings

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform..

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