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Intent-based Demand Programs for Continuous Pipeline Growth

Salesbox AI’s Conversational ABM platform identifies in-market buyers from within our network of over 100+ million B2B professionals and converts intents signals into content syndication, email, voice, and LinkedIn programs that fuel pipeline growth.

Intent-driven Demand Generation Programs

Salesbox AI helps you generate high-intent leads within in-market accounts to connect sales to more decision makers faster. Our demand generation programs:

Generate High-Intent Buying Groups, Not just Leads

Salesbox AI’s People Network contains over 100+ million B2B professionals so you can target the entire buying group by title, level, and account-based filters.

Once a lead engages with your assets, AI-driven Avatars go to work to identify the entire buying group, and create personalized content experiences to drive more awareness and conversations throughout the account.

Abx platform

Increase Account Engagement & Get More from your Content

We’ll develop engaging Content Hubs so Avatars can turn intent signals into account-centric content experiences within in-market target accounts.

Balance AI

Optimize your Budget with Intent-Based Targeting

Our Buying Committee Centric approach coupled with your target account list (TAL) and intent signals allow marketers to be very precise with their go-to-market spends on Content Syndication and LinkedIn Ads.

  • Target only contacts matching intent signals and buyer personas
  • Alert sales of accounts showing the most velocity in purchase intent
  • Allocate budget towards the accounts most engaged
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SalesboxAI Abx platform

Optimize Ad Spend using Multi-Step Validation Process

Don’t waste money on incomplete or duplicate leads. Every Salesbox AI-generated lead goes through a multi-step process to validate each buying group member within the account parameters you determine.

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Balance AI

Ready for Salesbox AI to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth?