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Engage in many-to-many conversations at scale to increase pipeline velocity and progression

Increase pipeline velocity and progression

AI-driven engagement across channels to fuel your pipeline with active, in-market opportunities.

Strike up relevant and contextual conversations with the buying committee members at the right time with the right engagement strategy.

Create and a launch a team of AI-powered Avatars to:

  • Engage in many-to-many conversations across email, chat, and LinkedIn with the 5-8 personas within your targeted opportunities
  • Monitor sentiment and track responses to classify as negative or positive so sales is aware of the conversations happening around their opportunities.
  • Alert sales when the right buyers are engaged so they are “always-on” to connect with the right person at the right time with the right message.
Targeted Ads

Orchestrate many-to-many hyper-personalized experiences across email, social, web, and mobile

Email Experiences

Avatars will:

  • Follow-up with every prospect, partner and customer in a personalized, two-way interaction
  • Drive towards the next best action; whether that’s scheduling a Sales meeting, or educating them on a product or service.
Contextual Ads

Chat Experiences

Avatars will:

  • Execute playbooks to provide seamless and interactive chat experiences
  • Deliver a superb customer experience that collects the most pertinent information from a visitor, no humans necessary.
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Precise Targeting

Web Experiences

Avatars will:

  • De-anonymize your website visitors and identify attributes of your visitors to firmographics, profile, behavior, intent etc.
  • Personalize any section in your website based on account name, industry, purchase stage and provide a personalized buying experience to your buyers.
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Revenue focused

Ad Experiences

Avatars will:

  • Deploy coordinated, targeted social ad campaigns that retarget exactly the right buying committee members with the right message
  • Deliver a hyper-personalized advertising experience
  • Reach a wider audience with conversations across personas, departments, and buying stages
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Salebox Funnel

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