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Buyers have transformed.
So should you. Embrace Social Selling!

Social Selling is the practice of leveraging a brand’s social channels to connect with existing and potential customers and build relationships with them. Think of social selling as modern relationship-building. The tactic can help businesses reach their sales targets.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, it also facilitates marketing and sales teams to connect with their audience and engage with them. Actively connecting with potential customers on social channels such as LinkedIn can help you be the first brand a prospect considers when they’re ready to make a purchase. And it can supplement in-person relationship-building and sales techniques like cold calling and in course of time may even replace outdated techniques.

SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM Platform platform enables you to incorporate social selling as part of your overall Conversational ABM Platform framework - helping your sales reps connect with their audience through LinkedIn, develop a connection with them and engage with potential leads.

Identify Attributes

Laser Target your Audience

Our AI powered Conversational ABM Platform are adept at matching the right accounts and buying group members to their LinkedIn profiles thereby helping your teams connect with them and begin engagement

With B2B brands leveraging social selling creating 45% more sales opportunities, social selling is emerging as a key tactic to help sales teams reach sales quotas. Enable your sales team to upgrade to social selling today!

Personalize Experiences

Build Relationships

SalesboxAI enables your sales and marketing teams to consistently and persistently build their LinkedIn graph and engage with the target audience. Whether you want your audience to know the latest happenings at your company, educate them about your products, invite them to an event, meeting or product demo, you can leverage our social sales playbooks to launch focused campaigns and realize outcomes.

Enable your sales and marketing teams to upgrade to social selling today!

Better Buyer Journey

Say no to bad buyer experiences and yes to AI driven Conversational ABM Platform

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