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Web Personalization
drives more engagement
and conversions

Personalize every web page of your website into an account specific landing page with SalesboxAI Web Experiences

Identify Attributes of your Visitors

Up to 98% of website traffic is anonymous and marketers have about 10 seconds to establish relevance! SalesboxAI’s web experiences module helps marketers to identify attributes of people visiting the website (Intent, potential, behavior, profile and/or firmographics), assign intent score to the accounts and add them to the demand funnel for further engagement

Identify Attributes

Personalize Experiences

If you are still using static website messaging, you are losing deals more often than not. Buyers are more likely to reference your website than any other channel when researching and evaluating your solution, so it’s critical that you serve up the right message to each account. Along with email, ad and chat experiences, SalesboxAI Web Experiences let you nurture each account in each step of the buying cycle and boost conversions in key accounts. You can also activate personalization at scale which means that you can automate and orchestrate specific, relevant campaigns by purchase stage for thousands of accounts at a time.

You are able to intelligently engage visitors with content based on:

  • Account Name
  • Industry
  • Target Account List
  • Purchase Stage
Personalize Experiences

Build a Better Buyer Journey

Use SalesboxAI to natively personalize any section in your website based on account name, industry, purchase stage and more. Common uses include:

  • Build 1:1 content experiences for your key or the most strategic accounts
  • Align homepage or call to action elements to messaging in email, advertising, or other channels
  • Feature industry-specific or geography specific content on the homepage or landing pages
  • Change the website experience as accounts progress through the customer lifecycle
  • Shorten forms or ungate content for pre-qualified accounts
Better Buyer Journey

Deliver more ROI with Web Personalization

Website personalization, by itself, can generate marketing ROI! By personalizing web channels for target accounts, B2B marketers can see web traffic increase substantially for target accounts and experience more interactions with the sales team.

Web Personalization

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