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Unleash AI to Propel your Revenue Engine

Leverage our AI-powered integrated Full Funnel Program to create a robust sales pipeline and accelerate your sales process.

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Leading IT Companies trust Salesbox to help them grow faster.

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Score and Prioritize 1st-party Intent in the Accounts that Matter

Salesbox’s Conversational ABM platform detects, scores, and prioritizes 1st-party intent signals from IT Buyers in accounts actively researching solutions like yours (or your competitors) within our content network.

Salebox Funnel

Accelerate Pipeline and Revenue Growth with Salesbox Programs

Salesbox’s platform generates first-party intent within its network of over 600+ product topics to activate our programs with precision – and at scale. These include:

Intent-based Demand Generation

Drive awareness and fill your pipeline with intent-qualified leads.

Reach the buying groups within in-market accounts using Salesbox’s intent-driven content syndication, LinkedIn, email, & voice programs and database of over 100+ million B2B professionals.

Intent-based Account-based Marketing

Reach more buying groups and drive awareness from within your target account list (TAL)

Fully-managed content syndication, email, LinkedIn, & voice programs fully managed and optimized by Salesbox’s Conversational ABM platform and team of experts.

Intent-based Pipeline Acceleration

Activate intent with AI-driven content experiences and conversations across the buying journey.

Intent-driven Avatars launch personalized, account-centric experiences across social, chat, and email using an integrated Content Hub to increase account-level engagement and revenue growth

Fuel your Pipeline with In-Market, Active Opportunities

Salesbox drives awareness and generates high-intent leads within in-market target accounts using its integrated Conversational ABM platform, intent data & B2B Buyer database.

Conversational ABM Platform

Turn Intent Signals into Conversations

Detect opportunities across your revenue waterfall & launch AI-driven Avatars to orchestrate omnichannel, account-centric experiences designed to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth.

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Abx platform

Intent Data

Know who is researching solutions like yours (or your competitors)

Salesbox generates first-party intent by capturing the email and web interactions of B2B decision makers as they research solutions within our network of over 600+ IT topics.

See how we capture first-party intent.

Balance AI

Salesbox Content Network

Leverage your Best Content to Engage Buying Groups, Not just Leads

Salesbox’s Content Network accumulates insights across thousands of technology topics and weekly velocity scores so you can target active, in-market accounts with precision, and get more from your content by engaging the entire buying committee.

Get more from your content.

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Salesbox Abx platform

Reach & engage more IT buyers with precision

Partner with Salesbox to launch intent-driven go-to-market programs that drive revenue growth.

Partner with Salesbox to:

  • Find your next customer
  • Launch and scale your multi-channel campaigns
  • Find accounts in market for your solution
  • Reactivate dormant accounts
  • Get your sales team to take action on sales alerts
  • Grow your revenue
Balance AI

Are you ready to detect, engage, and convert intent to revenue?

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