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2022 CMO’s guide to Conversational ABM

Account-Based Marketing and its associated technology stack enables B2B marketers to treat individual accounts as a market in their own right, driving engagement with target organizations and best-fit buying group members therein.

Focusing on best-fit buyers enables marketers to align with sales teams, maximise resources, reduce sales cycle length and improve ROI - all priority items in any modern CMO’s checklist.

This guide explains how an account-centric, conversational AI approach to B2B marketing will address the new realities of B2B buying and selling. Readers can learn the following:

  • How your buyers have evolved
  • How to engage key accounts and buying committees therein digitally
  • Best use cases for Conversational ABM
  • How to get budget and plan a pilot
  • How to execute and prove ROI

Orchestrate remarkable Buying Experiences

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