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Engage the Entire Buying Group on Their Terms

Instantly engage in conversations and be available to meet the needs of each buying committee member at every step.

Conversational AI Across the Entire Buying Journey

Add Conversational AI to your ABM strategy to welcome and guide potential customers whenever they come to your website or social networks.

Provide information, book meetings with your sales reps, send a helpful ebook, and more.

AI-powered Avatars will:

  • Execute playbooks and intelligently collect visitor data
  • Trigger sales automation sequences with prospects and customers
  • Qualify inbound traffic in real time
Native SalesboxAI

Orchestrate Human-like conversations at scale

Avatars come as a widget or inline native to the webpage providing seamless interactive experiences.

Offer superb customer experiences by only collecting the most pertinent information from a visitor, no humans or forms necessary.


Launch and Optimize Custom Workflows and Playbooks

With SalesboxAI, you can customize the workflow for each Avatar according to your internal playbooks and requirements, including:

  • Custom outbound or inbound workflows
  • CRM or other integrations
  • Custom messaging for different product pages
  • Qualification or scoring for leads further down the funnel
  • GDPR compliance or other security workflows
Custom Workflows

Be “Always On” - Even When You’re Not

  • Create a welcoming and personalized experience for every visitor on your website
  • Avatars are trained to proactively engage with customers and book meetings 24/7
  • Alert sales and provide a record of the entire conversation the moment positive or negative sentiment is made
Book Meetings

Cultivate Early Interest

Reach out to Opportunities that have signaled potential interest through intent data, but have not requested contact yet (e.g. Third-party content syndication, ABM, etc.).

Personalize account level and buying group level outreach with custom messaging and content.

SalesboxAI Abx platform

Event Outreach

Whether you are attending an online or in-person event, Avatars can help you schedule demos and meetings in advance, drive webinar participation, and more.

After the event, Avatars can follow up with each lead collected at the event as the first point of contact and invite for further steps.

SalesboxAI Abx platform

Book Meetings

Extend your business development team with AI-powered Avatars that can:

  • Qualify leads
  • Book meetings on your sales rep’s calendar
  • Automatically update reps on account activity with the conversation trail
  • Proactively reach out to old prospects who have turned cold and get them to re-engage
Abx platform

Is engagement falling flat? Let our Revenue Engine detect all opportunities and fuel your pipeline.

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