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How to create and execute an ABM content strategy?

“Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people that count.” – David Ogilvy

Traditionally B2B marketing content strategies were built around the concept of a linear sales funnel. The content teams created content to appeal to a vast audience and marketing distributed the content through varied channels to attract prospects.

With the adoption of Account based marketing, the past content strategies don’t make any sense - in fact it may even hamper performance. Put simply, you are not solely crafting content that will rank well on search engines and appeal to nameless strangers. ABM Content Strategy should be designed to reach a specific set of potential prospects (members of the buying committee) within target accounts. Rather than marketing to an individual, campaigns are designed to reach a group of stakeholders and decision-makers within an organization in an orchestrated manner.

Generating meaningful exchanges with prospective buyers throughout the purchase cycle with the help of ABM content can be a challenging process. Download this whitepaper to understand some strategies of crafting and orchestrating the right content for your ABM program.

Orchestrate remarkable Buying Experiences

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