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Be available at every step of the buying journey

Turn every page of your website into an account-centric, personalized experience for every visitor.

Identify Attributes of your Visitors

Identify attributes of people visiting the website, such as:

  • Intent
  • Potential
  • Behavior
  • Profile
  • Firmographics

Assign intent scores to the accounts and add them to the Revenue Waterfall for further engagement.

Identify Attributes

Personalized Digital Experiences for Every Targeted Account

Stop using static website messaging. With SalesboxAI, you can boost conversions in key accounts by activating web personalization at scale.

  • Serve up the right message to each opportunity automatically.
  • Nurture each opportunity at every step of the buying cycle
  • Automate and orchestrate specific, relevant campaigns by purchase stage for thousands of opportunities at a time
Personalize Experiences

Build a Better Buyer Journey

With SalesboxAI, you can intelligently engage visitors with content based on:

  • Account Name
  • Industry
  • Target Account List
  • Purchase Stage

Common uses include:

  • Build 1:1 content experiences for your key or the most strategic accounts
  • Align homepage or call to action elements to messaging in email, advertising, or other channels
Better Buyer Journey

Account-Centric Personalization at Scale

By personalizing web channels, web traffic and interactions with sales increases substantially with targeted and detected opportunities.

Web Personalization

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